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PURPOSE: This study describes a treatment for the painful and disabling effects of peripheral neuropathy using near infrared (NIR) light to address sensory loss, pain and diminished function.

PATIENT(S): A 62-year-old Caucasian male diagnosed as Type II diabetic was treated in this study. He was found to have decreased foot sensation, pain and diminished lower extremity function. He received NIR therapy at 12 J/cm2 per treatment location, three times per week for six weeks.

RESULTS: Post testing showed marked improvement in all areas measured. These improvements were clinically significant based on the established minimally clinically important difference values for each of the three measures.

CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that NIR energy may be an effective intervention to decrease pain, improve function, and increase sensation in individuals suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Basic research suggests that NIR may increase blood flow as a result ofNIR’s relationship with nitric oxide.