Achieve meaningful results in pain relief and overall quality of life for your peripheral neuropathy (PN) patients.

The combination of drug-free Near Infrared Light (NIR) treatment and physical therapy (PT) is proven to help you see results.

An estimated 20 million Americans currently suffer from PN, often associated with diabetes and chemotherapy, and there is currently no consistently effective treatment for this debilitating, painful disorder. As this figure is expected to grow, medical professionals will continue to explore ways to provide relief for their patients.

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Current treatment protocols rely heavily on prescription medications, which are inconsistent in their benefits and shown to be associated with side effects, some of which are severe.

Research supporting the use of NIR therapy for PN patients has existed for more than a decade.

Additionally, research on the combination of physical therapy and NIR has indicated notable effectiveness. It’s the treatment approach we recommend.


The modality’s efficacy was further validated by LumenMD’s own findings at its Kansas City clinic in a 2017-18 study.

Of the 24 patients with moderate neuropathy who were tested, 16 demonstrated a statistically significant 20% or greater improvement in their score. (Scoring was done using an enhanced version of the Michigan and Toronto standard.)

Our partner PT clinics continue to consistently verify positive outcomes. The combination of physical therapy to improve balance, proprioception, range of motion and strength along with LumenMD’s symptomatic relief is shown to be particularly compelling.

LumenMD products are FDA-listed for clinical and for OTC use.


The Integrated Peripheral Neuropathy Protocol

LumenMD partners with approved physical therapy clinics to provide an affordable, effective therapy protocol for peripheral neuropathy patients.

Here are the indicated steps in the process to evaluate and initiate treatment:

  1. Physician evaluates patient with peripheral neuropathy. If patient may be suffering from circulatory-based peripheral neuropathy, especially if he or she is diabetic or post-chemo, they would be a good candidate for the Integrated Peripheral Neuropathy Protocol.
  2. Physician refers patient to physical therapist for evaluation and treatment to improve functional deficits such as balance, strength and range of motion.
  3. Patient signs the agreement form and provides payment information at physical therapy.
  4. LumenMD ships unit to PT clinic.
  5. PT Clinic staff instructs patient on use of the LumenMD device.
  6. At-home daily use for 40 minutes (20 minutes per side) is highly recommended.
  7. Following conclusion of physical therapy regimen, we suggest continued daily use of the LumenMD device for continued relief.

Support Resources for Physical Therapists

LumenMD provides complete instructions and comprehensive information for our partner physical therapy clinics. However, we find that use of the devices typically requires little training for clinical staff. In addition, our customer support team is available for ongoing support.

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Cost and Other Details

LumenMD offers the OTC devices as a rent-to-own system. The device is not typically reimbursable by insurance, but physical therapy treatments are.

The patient cost is $180 per month including shipping & applicable taxes for six months. At that time, no further charges are incurred and the patient owns the unit outright. If the patient chooses to return the unit before owning it, they simply return it with no further obligation.

Physical Therapist Testimonial

Dr. Steven Zilke, a physical therapist practicing in Fulton, MO, has been achieving excellent patient outcomes with LumenMD NIR treatments along with physical therapy for peripheral neuropathy patients. Please watch this video and consider benefiting from his experience.

The Science Behind Nitric Oxide

Noted University of Colorado researcher Dr. Thomas Burke talks about the importance of Nitric Oxide and its healing power, which is triggered by Near Infrared Light Therapy.