Peripheral Neuropathy Patient Testimonials

LumenMD’s exclusive drug-free Near Infrared (NIR) energy treatments can often be highly effective in relieving peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

While we are gratified that the research have found NIR treatment is effective, we are even happier to meet the people who have already utilized affordable LumenMD devices and can once again live the life they love.

Real Results - Real Stories

Meet Donnie Althoff

This avid golfer had to cut back on his game because every time he was on the course, he felt like he was going to fall over. Not anymore. Check out his story.

Meet Beth Dawson

She had disabling peripheral neuropathy symptoms and was looking at a life with a walker or even a wheelchair. Watch her inspirational story about how LumenMD’s treatment has made a difference for her and her family.

Meet Karen Freeling

Karen had neuropathy in her hands that was so bad, it hurt to type or click a mouse. It affected her tennis game as well. Just look at her now. Karen has much less pain and is back on the tennis court.


Meet Dr. Larry Sims

"I'm using the light on my back and hip area almost daily.  I think my hip has pretty well healed.  The doctor released me last week for 1 year!  So something good must have happened.  What symptoms I have when walking I'm pretty sure is from my back, but using NIR pretty much daily makes it tolerable."

-- Larry Sims, Retired ER Doctor, Indiana


Click here to read Larry's complete LumenMD story.

Heiden Sq Frame

"I was in a serious car accident in my late 30’s and now 20 years later found relief from my neuropathy with the LumenMD.  I was taking arthritis medicine and neuropathy medicine.  Now with the help  of LumenMD, I can sleep all night and I’m off almost all medicine.  I hope to be off of all medicine by the Spring." - Diane H, Southern Illinois

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