Frequently Asked Questions About LumenMD Neuropathy Treatment

How do I know if I'm a candidate for LumenMD treatment?

Research shows it's most effective for peripheral neuropathy symptoms that may be related to circulatory problems, like those caused by diabetes or following chemotherapy. While people with symptoms caused by alcoholism, use of statins, exposure to some toxic chemicals or with a physical injury might not experience all of beneficial effects of LumenMD treatment, we have seen positive results in those circumstances too. Overall , about 75-80% of patients report good results, according to research conducted at our Lumen Care Center in Kansas City, MO.   Your physical therapist or physician can help you decide if you should try it. Because the devices are typically rented, many people try the devices for 2 months, and then decide for themselves that they are getting material benefit or to return the unit if they are not.

How do I get LumenMD treatment?

Since the science shows the best outcomes are often from a combination of Near Infrared (NIR) therapy and physical therapy with a professional, we suggest you reach out to your trusted local physical therapist to get started. If you are working with one of our LumenMD physical therapy partners, they can get you set up. Otherwise, call us at 833-LumenMD and we will be happy to make a referral to a physical therapy professional. 

How does at-home treatment work? Is it complicated?

It couldn't be easier. All LumenMD devices come with complete support and are easy to use. Simply strap them on and activate with the easy-to-use controller. Then relax for 20 minutes before switching the unit to the other side. If you lose track of time, the unit will automatically shut off. Watch TV, read or even doze off while you receive circulation-improving and pain-reducing Near Infrared (NIR) energy therapy.

How long does treatment last?

We find that many people see initial results in 4-6 weeks. It can take several months to achieve the the most improvement. For many conditions, patients choose to continue treatment indefinitely to maintain results. We suggest physical therapy as recommended by your professional and ongoing daily at-home use of the LumenMD device.

Can I just use the LumenMD pads and not go to physical therapy?

Some people do not choose to follow their physician's recommendation to include physical therapy. However - we find that the optimal results occur when physical therapy is involved, as it improves structural deficits such as range of motion, balance, and strength.

Is there pain?

LumenMD treatment is pain-free and 100% non-invasive. The Near-Infrared lights on the devices do not generate any sensation at all beyond gentle warmth.

Can I discontinue use of prescription medications?

That is a discussion for you and your physician. But some of our patients tell us they have reduced or entirely eliminated their reliance on medications.

Does my insurance cover the cost?

Most insurance does cover the physical therapy portion. The LumenMD device rentals or purchase are out-of-pocket. 

How much does it cost?

Our affordable rent-to-own system costs as little as $180 per month. Since we apply 100% of the rental payments to the optional purchase of your device, after six months, the rental payments are discontinued and you own the device outright. The system can be returned at any time after the first month's rental. If you return your unit there is no further commitment to LumenMD.

I'm on a fixed income. That may be difficult.

The LumenMD rent-to-own system costs as much or even less than co-pays for many medications. Don't forget - our products are the highest quality and guaranteed for one full year.

What does the FDA say about LumenMD treatment?

All LumenMD products are FDA Listed for safety, and for the relief of pain and the improvement of circulation. The at-home devices, while delivering the same power as our professional devices, are also FDA cleared for over-the-counter (OTC) usage.

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