It’s time to live the life you love – free of nerve pain.

  • You're not alone in suffering debilitating nerve pain.

    More than 20 million Americans also experience these symptoms, often brought on by diabetes or following chemotherapy, and that number is expected to grow.

  • There's Good News!

    You can break the cycle of worsening nerve pain by joining the growing number of people receiving life-changing relief by using a drug-free treatment that’s affordable, effective, backed by science, convenient and painless to use.

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Which stage are you on the peripheral neuropathy pain progression?

Stages of Neuropathy
Neuropathy patient receiving treatment

The Integrated PN Protocol, which consists of a physical therapy treatment regimen and LumenMD Near Infrared (NIR) energy therapy, alleviates nerve pain, increases sensation and improves balance. After this treatment, many people return to important day-to-day activities, including more regular and uninterrupted sleep.

Based on Nobel-Prize-winning science, NIR therapy has been evaluated in multiple medical research studies.

The results: reduced pain and increased circulation. LumenMD offers FDA-cleared devices to treat your affected areas with clinical-grade NIR.

LumenMD founder Karen Wolters talked on a recent radio program about the origins of the company, the science behind it and why the treatment is so effective.

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How It Works

Watch this video to understand exactly why Near Infrared energy therapy improves circulation and relieves the endless nerve pain that so many people experience.