Dr. Larry Sim's LumenMD Story

Dr. Sims is a retired emergency room doctor from Indiana. Here is the story he shared with us. We are gratified to have helped him improve his quality of life.


I started using the NIR when I was approximately 3 weeks post op from a hip replacement.

In addition, I was having significant back problems from spinal stenosis and some nerve root impingement. This back issue added  some confusion as to how to evaluate the hip surgery recovery.

I started the NIR treatment with no expectation that it would reverse the spinal stenosis or nerve root impingement. But if some of the pain was from inflammation, then increasing the circulation to the painful area might help.

I started by using NIR three days in a row and then had no treatment for three days.  I wanted to see if I could tell any difference. I had no way to evaluate the changes by any objective measurement, so my conclusions are based entirely on subjective options.

I believe that my hip recovery was improved - because I could walk farther and faster on the three days of NIR treatment. The pain I believed to be back-related was less during the three days of treatment as well.

My conclusion is that any painful problem resulting from inflammation can be helped by increasing the circulation to the affected area--thus the NIR treatment would be of benefit for symptom  management.  The hip improvement would be slightly different in that increasing the circulation to the surgical site would enhance the healing process.

I continue to use the LumenMD pad  a lot.   I think it certainly has a role to play in inflammation relief and in the healing process.

LumenMD's at-home devices may be able to help you, too. You may be able to experience relief from numbness, tingling and pain brought on by neuropathy and other conditions.