Choose Your Device and Start Experiencing Relief.

Our clinical-strength devices can be purchased or rented. If you rent a device, you will own it in six months.

LMD Single Footpad System


This is the most affordable device, which is intended for the treatment of one foot at a time. With this device, your patient will put the unit on one foot for 20 minutes and then move to the other side for another 20 minute period.

LMD 2x Footpad System


For those patients desiring a higher level of convenience, dual pads allow treatment of both feet in a single 20 minute session.



Hand Pad

Often used by patients suffering from neuropathy of the hand(s) due to chemotherapy.

The simplified controller program commences with one press of a button and automatically shuts off after 20 minutes.

This pad features 132 total LED's - 72 infrared and 60 red.

HL-132R Pad 2
Hand & Foot System


For those suffering from neuropathy in the feet and hands, this combination device is a great option. It's often utilized by those recovering from chemotherapy who experience pain, tingling and numbness in their feet and hands.

Regardless of configuration, all LumenMD at-home devices deliver clinical-strength energy therapy and are FDA-listed for OTC use. 

Manufactured in a US-based ISO 13485 certified facility, all LumenMD devices come with a one year warranty.


Using LumenMD devices at home is simple.

  • Plug it in

  • Put it on

  • Push the button

LumenMD products are FDA-listed for clinical and for OTC use.