About LumenMD

LumenMD's mission is simple.

We are dedicated to helping people with peripheral neuropathy live better lives. We provide affordable OTC medical devices that harness the clinical power of NIR science to provide drug-free pain reduction, improved circulation and side-effect free relief from peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

LumenMD designs and manufactures state-of-the-art NIR energy devices. All products are designed and manufactured to the highest standard in an ISO 13485-certified facility in the U.S.

LumenMD founder Karen Wolters shares her vision for the company in this video. A registered nurse, Mrs. Wolters hopes to help those suffering from peripheral neuropathy symptoms live the life they love once again.

20 million Americans suffer from this debilitating ailment, and we’re here to help.

Meet Our Team

Karen Wolters - Founder

Karen is a registered nurse and worked in many different fields of nursing—medical unit in the hospital, public health nursing, and industrial nursing.  Her greatest reward in nursing will be to help you return to the life you love, free of the restraints of the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Karen is married for 54 years to her high school sweetheart, has one son and three grand daughters.

Having lived in Spain for 7 years, she speaks conversational Spanish and English.


Jill Kendall - Business Development Representative

Jill Kendall is LumenMD’s Business Development Representative in South Florida.  She is responsible for promoting, educating and selling our Near Infrared Light (NIR) therapy devices.

Jill has her Masters of Physical Therapy and has 20+ years experience with both clinical application in physical therapy as well as business development and medical sales.

Jill is a native Floridian and has exceptional knowledge of South Florida and its medical community.  Jill is a former 3-time captain and scholarship athlete of the Auburn Women’s Soccer Team and is married to her husband Blake of 18 years.

Headshot - Jill Kendall

LumenMD was founded in 2017 based on the idea that there is a better future for many sufferers of peripheral neuropathy.

Though our company is young, our team has been together for a number of years, refining and perfecting the technology and treatment methods behind LumenMD’s innovative products.

We learned many people are unable to enjoy their golden years, as they have difficulty walking or are in constant pain.

Many are unable to sleep, and many find drug therapies to be only partially effective with many side effects.

Our engineers found a way to build high-quality, low-cost devices that use NIR energy treatment along with physical therapy to achieve dramatic results.

Since our founding, we have been gratified to help people who can walk easier, sleep better, play with their grandchildren or pursue their hobbies again.