LumenMD light therapy devices are helping people with peripheral neuropathy live better lives.

Our FDA-listed, science-backed Near Infrared energy devices can give people relief from never-ending nerve pain and are able to be used at home.

At least 20 million people in the U.S. suffer from debilitating foot and leg nerve pain from peripheral neuropathy, which is often caused by diabetes or following chemotherapy.

Donnie's Story

Donnie, like many people, was told there was nothing more he could do about his constant pain and lack of balance. See what happened when he found LumenMD.

Many people get the most profound relief from neuropathy symptoms when they combine LumenMD Near Infrared energy treatments with a physical therapy regimen.

The Science Behind Our Treatment

Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning science, LumenMD Near Infrared energy treatment is FDA-listed for the reduction of pain and improvement of blood flow. Respected scientist Dr. Tom Burke explains how this treatment came to be accepted by the medical community.


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